Pane Bianco

Don’t let the title confuse you.  This is anything but “white bread”.  It is a swirling, fragrant, rolled and shaped loaf that’s full of color and flavor.  The recipe is original to an Illinois woman who baked it for the National Festival of Bread (and won first place).  It makes a lovely centerpiece on a buffet table, and it disappeared in a hurry when I set it out on my sandwich bar for happy hour snacks. Continue reading…

There’s a little nostalgia here, with this pastel pink, slightly sweet, summer drink.  Some of us (of a certain age) […]

If peaches are your favorite stone fruit, try this old-fashioned version of Tennessee peach pudding.  It’s what I like to […]

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These lovely, plump, pillowy rolls are the breakfast bun of choice in Scotland.  I have memories of my grandmother extolling […]