Lasagna with Greens and Mushrooms

At the risk of sounding somewhat “Scrooge-like” I am going to say that I’ve had enough of the holidays.  Let me explain…what I really mean is I’ve had enough of the constant preamble to the holidays.  I am already weary of the turkey, gravy, stuffing, side dish recipes, the “how to decorate your mantelpiece” articles, and the relentless advertising of sales and specials for “stuff”.  What I’m longing for is Boxing Day. read more

Mandarin oranges

After spending a few days in Northern California we arrived home, toting a ten pound bag of Mandarin oranges.  Andy carried them through airport security and we guarded them from the crush of carry-on luggage in the bin above us.  These are sweet, freshly-picked California Mandarins; a gift from a very thoughtful new acquaintance.  After enjoying many of these cute wee oranges out of hand, I decided to poach them in a syrup flavored with ginger and rosemary. read more

Pretzel Dogs

We are traveling this week, and thankfully, it’s a non-stop flight.  It seems to me that the non-stop, “as the crow flies” type of trip is getting harder and harder to find.  Airlines and airports want you to stop, stay a while, shop, and eat.  But what do you do if you find yourself waiting for a connection late at night and the food choices are limited? read more

Maple Walnut Shortbread

Most of the brilliant fall colors are gone, and today it’s cold and grey.  As I walked around the yard and saw this solitary leaf on the sidewalk, the words of an old song came to mind:


“All the leaves are brown, and the skies are grey”.  Three weeks ago the trees were just beginning to lose their leaves and I noticed this abandoned bird’s nest that had been hidden by the foliage.  read more

Crepes and apples

Weekends are the ideal time to enjoy a leisurely breakfast, and these crepes are perfect for just that.  What I love most about crepes (besides the taste) is the lovely, lacy look of them, with their slightly ragged and crispy edges.  Crepes are the ultimate do-ahead dish, because, ideally, you must make the batter and refrigerate it before you assemble your crepes.   read more

jam turnovers

Why are family recipes so important?  Memories, of course.  Memories of the person who made those special dishes and the times you spent together.  I’ve come to the conclusion that, even if my version of my Grandmother’s turnovers isn’t exactly like hers, the goal is still the same.  And, that is to nourish those precious memories, of her and the good times we all spent as a large extended family. read more