Eggnog Cheesecake Bars

This is not a typical “Weekend Kitchen” project.  I thought you would probably have a lot more on the go this weekend, so this is an easy one.  Do you have an eggnog-lover in your family?  One who waits for the first appearance of eggnog in the dairy case of the supermarket?  Does this person really like his eggnog spiked with dark rum? read more

Baked Eggs

At this time of year it’s easy to get caught up in the rush of things.  There are deadlines to meet, parcels to mail, cooking and baking to do, house cleaning and decorating, and on and on…In the midst of all this activity, we still have to eat.  And sometimes the simplest and most basic fare is just what we need.  read more


Trader Vic’s is a tiki bar that only those of us of a certain age will remember.  In fact, I think there may be only one left in the whole of the United States.  It was a fun place to have drinks (their Mai Tai was iconic) and eat North-Americanized Chinese food.  The decor was Polynesian or maybe Tahitian, complete with lots of bamboo, carved figurines and masks, and, in some locations, canoes, similar to those that might have been used by South Pacific sailors.    read more

Warm Salad

Weekends are made for leisurely, casual meals.  It seems to me that brunch has been reinvented of late; it’s no longer a mish-mash of dishes designed to use a restaurant’s weekly leftovers.  Hopefully the old days of hotel buffet steam tables have been replaced with smart, chic cafes and bistros serving as perfect a menu for brunch as they would any other day of the week. read more

Savory Dinner Rolls

Homemade dinner rolls can make even the simplest meal special, don’t you think?  And these buttery, cheesy, herb and garlic crescents bear no resemblance to the cardboard tube variety that you find in the supermarket refrigerator section.  I have taken a basic dough and fashioned it into two different shapes, first slathering the dough with compound butter, and adding a little shredded sharp Cheddar cheese.  The results are very delicious! read more

Lamb Tagine

Here I am again, with a braised dish.  This one is for those times when you need a warming , comforting, flavorful dish that’s easy to make.  And those times are now ( and the next three or four months from now!)  This is a stew with a Moroccan theme:  preserved lemons, lamb, warm spices, mint, harissa, couscous.

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Banh-Mi Style Turkey Sandwich

I present to you a repeat of an old post that I did showcasing leftover turkey for an original turkey sandwich.  Yes, this is the one that won second place in the local newspaper contest, aptly titled “Your Best Leftover  Turkey Sandwich”.  And, although the photo is not my best work (remember, this was taken in 2011), the sandwich is a great way to utilize some of the Thanksgiving bounty.  So here goes…

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Lasagna with Greens and Mushrooms

At the risk of sounding somewhat “Scrooge-like” I am going to say that I’ve had enough of the holidays.  Let me explain…what I really mean is I’ve had enough of the constant preamble to the holidays.  I am already weary of the turkey, gravy, stuffing, side dish recipes, the “how to decorate your mantelpiece” articles, and the relentless advertising of sales and specials for “stuff”.  What I’m longing for is Boxing Day. read more

Mandarin oranges

After spending a few days in Northern California we arrived home, toting a ten pound bag of Mandarin oranges.  Andy carried them through airport security and we guarded them from the crush of carry-on luggage in the bin above us.  These are sweet, freshly-picked California Mandarins; a gift from a very thoughtful new acquaintance.  After enjoying many of these cute wee oranges out of hand, I decided to poach them in a syrup flavored with ginger and rosemary. read more