Homemade Limoncello and a Bubbly Cocktail

I think I mentioned several weeks ago that we had a batch of limoncello on the go here.  We have a Meyer lemon tree that is producing lots of fruit.  So, ten lemons and three cups of grain alcohol later, we have a really good version of this classic Italian liqueur. Continue reading…

Like many holiday travelers I arrived home in California with a serious cold.  This past week has involved all sorts […]

I don’t do nearly the volume of holiday baking that I used to, but it’s still nice to have a […]

It is soup weather here, no doubt about it.  This is one of my favorites, with its hearty, stick to […]

Does it seem counter-productive to make spend a morning making pastry and a savory filling in order to make use […]

I’ve been indulging in some serious bread-baking in the past few weeks.  I have a sourdough starter again, and I’m […]