A Mezze Platter

One of the most delicious and simple ways to welcome guests is with an appetizer or snack platter.  In fact, this one was so good, we made a meal of it.  It’s my version of a mezze, typically a collection of small dishes served in Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, and Balkan cuisine.  The selection of dishes differs with each region, and mine may not be a truly authentic representation, but it includes some of my favorites. Continue reading…

I’m attending to some technical details this week, so the site will be quiet for a few days.  But, I’ll […]

I had almost forgotten the perfect deliciousness of an old-fashioned coconut macaroon.  After years of making the French macaron cookie, […]

This is my version of the ever-popular composed salad.  In the spirit of Cobb, or McCarthy, it’s a theme based […]