Glorious Garden Tomatoes

Yesterday I harvested the first ripe tomato of the season from my small backyard garden. This little plot, raised from the ground and situated on the south side of our garage, provides us a wealth of tomatoes and herbs. I have five tomato plants this year: cherry, early girl, green zebra, and both a yellow and orange variety. Interspersed with the tomatoes are basil, parsley, chives, marjoram, rosemary, summer savory and oregano. The tomato I picked was from an organic heirloom plant called “Orange Blossom”. The flesh was dense and a little bland but I sliced it onto some good grilled bread. After a generous seasoning with salt, pepper and olive oil and a scattering of small fresh basil leaves, it was a truly welcome first course at dinner. This is the ultimate in local and organic food! So for the next few months it will be all tomatoes all the time; salads, soups, sandwiches, preserves and more. Stay tuned…..


  • Sandra Sinclair

    Brilliant! Once you tell me where I can get creme fraiche I look forward to making this for Chelsea!

    Your remembrances of Eaton’s Valley Room took me back. I loved the Valley Room. When the kids were small I would take them to the restaurant at Eaton’s Polo Park and Chelsea loved their turkey salad sandwiches. I keep trying to recreate them but a) I can’t get the right texture and b) she’s now a vegetarian.

    And coincidentally I just picked and ate the first tomato from my garden. It won’t be a bumper crop, but I will certainly enjoy what I have. When I was about 8 I asked Nany if I could have a bag of tomatoes from her garden for my birthday and she gave it to me! I ate them like apples.

    Promise me you won’t delete any more posts – you are a better writer than you realize.

    See you soon!

  • The Devil's Food Advocate

    Thank you! The supermarket where I shop stocks creme fraiche in the cheese section alongside the mascarpone, farmers’cheese, ricotta and other soft fresh cheeses. It comes in 8 ounce tubs. The beauty of creme fraiche is that it does not break or curdle when heated like sour cream and yogourt do.

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