Yogurt Parfait

This was my breakfast this morning, created somewhat out of necessity.  I was cleaning out the refrigerator and found a container of Liberty coconut yogurt that had reached its expiration date.  Then there was a bowl of roasted cherries that we had earlier this week with ice cream.  I just happened to have a batch of my favorite homemade granola in the pantry, which contains dried cherries and coconut chips.  Voila, a yogurt parfait.  I mixed the coconut yogurt with some plain Fage  Greek yogurt, and spooned it into a pretty little glass.  Then I added the halved cherries and a layer of granola, more yogurt, cherries and granola, and it was ready.  A little bit fancier version of my usual fruit and yogurt breakfast, but very good indeed.  I found no extra sweetener was needed with mixing the two yogurts, but if you are using  plain yogurt, try adding a little honey or maple syrup to taste.  You can find the granola recipe here.  And just about any fresh fruit will work in a yogurt parfait, although berries are particularly good.

We are off to a family reunion in Canada tomorrow (hence the refrigerator clean-up).  A fourteen hour drive across three states to Winnipeg, Manitoba.  I will have a cooler full of snacks and drinks and the pie crusts that I have made and frozen for a pie-making session with my cousins on Friday.  I am sure there will be pictures and stories to be told next week.  I’ll see you then…

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