Boxing Day

Even as a child I loved Boxing Day. Everyone is relaxed and reveling in the afterglow of Christmas. We would go visiting on Boxing Day; our large extended family made for ample opportunities to play with the cousins and check out everybody’s new toys. There were lots of tasty leftovers for the taking and we ate fruitcake, shortbread, and mince tarts for breakfast, washed down with generous amounts of eggnog. When my children were young, Boxing Day was my day of rest. After weeks of shopping, cooking, cleaning, and entertaining large groups of family, I got to put my feet up and exhale. My sister-in-law always hosted dinner on Boxing Day. She would make pasta: big, generous dishes of lasagne or cannelloni. With salad, garlic bread, lots of red wine, and a casual atmosphere, it was just what we all needed. Today I have vowed not to cook (I am all cooked out, believe it or not). I want to spend as much time as possible with my three children and relax.  So I wish a relaxing Boxing Day (or “day after Christmas”, as my American friends would say) to everyone. Eat pasta, drink red wine, and enjoy the company of loved ones. Play with your new toys, see a movie, take a day off from cooking. Then, tomorrow, get ready for the countdown to the New Year. Cheers!

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