Tangelo “Creamsicles”

This is the simplest two-ingredient dessert ever; just the sweetest, freshest orange juice and the best vanilla ice cream.  As with very simple preparations, the ingredients have to be of the highest quality.  Tangelos are hybrid oranges with a characteristic protruberance (outie) at the stem end.

Also known as Minneolas, they have a higher proportion of juice to pulp than an ordinary orange.  And that juice is delicious!  The flavor is so fresh and tart you don’t need too much for each serving.  I used about a quarter cup per glass with two to three small scoops of ice cream.  That’s it, no recipe required.  If you have homemade vanilla ice cream that’s all the better, but if not, just use your favorite brand.  Juice the oranges just before you serve the “floats” and present them immediately after you pour the juice over the ice cream.  When you dip your spoon into that mixture the flavor is instantly reminiscent of an old-fashioned creamsicle.  The perfect ending to any meal, with a little nostalgia to go along.

(from Suzanne Goin at Food and Wine magazine)

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