Farm to Table Photo Workshop

This past week I attended a very special event:  a Farm to Table food photography workshop.  It was a weekend full of fun, inspiration, and learning, with a group of very talented and creative people.  For a neophyte food photographer like me, these workshops are invaluable.  I come home feeling invigorated; ready to try new things and work harder to make my photos better.  The setting was beautiful Whidby Island in Washington state.  The instructor, Clare Barboza, is a young woman I met last spring at a workshop in Charleston, South Carolina.  We visited two farms, where we met the owners and had time to wander about taking our photos.  On Saturday morning we went to the Bayview Farmer’s Market and did more photography.  All the while we stayed together at a beautiful vacation home where we were pampered with excellent food, provided with props for food styling, and encouraged and instructed by Ms. Barboza.  I’m going to let the photos tell a little of the story of my three days on Whidby Island.  I have enormous respect for the people I met at Willowood Farm and The Little Brown Farm.  Their hard work and commitment to their craft enables all of us to enjoy a higher quality of food.  Here is some of what I saw; these are my favorite images:

At Willowood Farm
At The Little Brown Farm
At the Bayview Farmer’s Market
Seen on Hwy.525, Whidby Island WA

There will be recipes coming, inspired by my travels, and a renewed appreciation for the people who work the land and care for the animals on our behalf.  I hope to continue to tell their story and feature the products of their hard work, in my own small way.      


  • Ana

    Oh Donna I am so happy you got to attend to this, it looks marvelous, I hope I get the chance to attend another of these beautiful events and see you again πŸ˜€

  • Renee

    Donna, what a great experience! I wish there was something in Saskatoon like that. And your photos are fantastic! I can’t wait to see how the workshop’s influences transpire here. And those morels! Wow!

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