Big Frosted Holiday Sugar Cookies

Ahhh, the long summer holiday weekend approaches and what will you be doing?  Spending time at the lake or the beach?  Visiting with family?  Or just lazing about at home, enjoying the weather and some pure leisure time?  Because good food is so important to any weekend gathering I thought these cookies might come in handy as a quick and easy sweet treat.  They are indulgent, no doubt, with their hefty size and generous coating of cream cheese frosting, but it’s just once a year, right?  I’ve dressed them up in patriotic colors, save for the all red one, which is the token Canadian cookie.  I have eaten that one in honor of Canada Day.  If you start now you can have a batch of these beauties ready to tote along with you by the end of the day.  Happy 4th and have a great weekend!

Who doesn’t like cookies and milk?

The recipe for these sugar cookies is from the amazing and talented Melissa Coleman who blogs as “The Faux Martha”.  You can find it here.


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