A Sunny Citrus Salad

We started dinner last night with a delightful and delicious citrus salad.  This is the height of citrus season in California, and I can say that it brightens these cool and cloudy days (both literally and metaphorically).  I used blood oranges and navel oranges, then added thinly sliced fennel for crunch, and red onion for a bit of bite.  Chopped pistachios provided the perfect touch of color and richness to the platter.  Just before serving I added a sherry vinaigrette and a sprinkling of salt.  Voila!  You can customize this dish to your liking:  add your favorite citrus fruits, scatter some olives over the salad, mix in a few sturdy and assertive greens for contrast, it’s up to you.

Take the advice of one of my favorite chefs, David Tanis, and make this salad today.  And, because I followed Mr. Tanis’s recipe, I will send you here to have a look.  Make citrus more than just a breakfast or dessert item.  It will brighten your menus and lift your spirits.