Beef and Guinness Pot Pies

If you haven’t planned your St. Patrick’s Day menu yet, there’s still time to make this hearty and delicious beef stew.  It consists of chunks of beef (not lean), aromatic vegetables, caramelized in butter, and plenty of dark, robust Guinness stout.  A couple of hours in the oven and the transformation is complete.The braising liquid reduces to a rich gravy, and the meat becomes succulent and fork tender.  Then, you apply a flaky pastry cap, and bake your stew just long enough to crisp and brown that pastry.  You can make it in individual dishes, as I have, or serve it family style in a larger dish.  You may want to offer a green vegetable on the side; it is St. Patrick’s day, after all.  Along with more Guinness, or a full-bodied red wine, it’s a dinner to savor.

If your part of the country is snowed in, this is the kind of comfort food you will need after all the snow shoveling chores are done.   Indulge yourself soon; salad days are just around the corner…

The recipe for Guinness Pie can be found here.  I chose to portion my stew into oven-proof pottery bowls, giving each serving its own crown of flaky pastry.  Family style, in one baking dish is just as good.  Enjoy!