Irish Soda Bread

This is not a very traditional Irish soda bread.  You might say it’s a “North-Americanized” version of the classic Irish quick bread.  It’s not the lean and somewhat austere bread that usually consists of whole grain flour, buttermilk, and leavening.  This is a tender, buttery, and slightly sweet bread that you might want to eat for breakfast, with some good Irish butter.It still has all the craggy charm of the original, but there is an added richness from butter and egg, and sweetness from currants.  I also added a little caraway seed, because I like that flavor in soda bread.

Like any other quick bread, this one mixes up easily.  You can be enjoying warm bread in less than an hour.  That would be a very good way to start the day, on March 17, or any other day.

The original recipe is from the baking experts over at King Arthur flour.  I use their wonderful products in everything I bake.  Because my only adaptation of the recipe was the addition of a couple of teaspoons of caraway seed, I will send you here for the recipe.  Enjoy!