Rhubarb Walnut Quick Bread

If you love rhubarb, and you’ve already made rhubarb pie and rhubarb crumble, this should be your next rhubarb-lovers baking project.  It’s as simple as any quick bread, and delivers big on flavor and appearance.  Cooked rhubarb contributes to the moist texture of the bread, and walnuts add subtle crunch.  The garnish of raw rhubarb strips gives the bread the appearance of having been wrapped with pink ribbon.

I added some finely chopped, candied ginger to the batter, because I’m pretty sure that rhubarb and ginger are really good flavor pals.  I also substituted ground ginger for the nutmeg in the original recipe because…well, you know.  All in all, it turned out very well.

After I had placed the raw rhubarb strips atop the batter, I sprinkled on some coarse, decorating sugar.  This step comes with a small caveat:  the top of the bread will brown more quickly when in the oven.  Simply peek in and check on it a few times, and drape a sheet of foil over the top when it reaches your desired degree of golden brown.

Before rhubarb gets edged out by berries and stone fruit, give it some love with this delicious bread.  The original recipe is from King Arthur Flour and their seasonal publication “Sift”.  You can find it here.  Change up the seasoning a little, like I did, or make it just as the recipe instructs.  Either way, it will be a keeper.  Let’s hear it for rhubarb!