More Summer Favorites

Here’s a continued review of some of my favorite summer recipes.  I’ll be back later this week with some brand new photos and seasonal dishes.  Let’s start with a colorful and delicious fresh berry cake…This is a variation on the classic English lemon drizzle cake.  As you can see this cake features summer berries, with a fruit drizzle, and a colorful garnish.  Check out the recipe link and a story about the GBBO here.

In my opinion, soup should be served hot, even in the summer.  This is a lovely summer corn soup, rich and smooth and full of flavor.  Check out the recipe here.

Every cook needs a top-notch chicken salad.  This one originates from a dish that was served at a favorite cafe in our former, suburban Wisconsin town.  It has the freshness of grapes and celery, the richness and crunch of pecans, and a bright and assertive balsamic dressing.  Summer salad eating at its best…Find the recipe here.