A Break from Cooking: Hobby Week

I was away last week, and while my scheduled posts were appearing here, I was weaving baskets.  It was hard work, and it took a couple of days for my hand-eye coordination to master some of the techniques.  Pictured above is what I accomplished, as a beginner with no previous experience, in just five days.My sister-in-law and her husband are passionate about their interests.  They love music and travel and cooking and wine…and they love their hobbies.  For the past several years they have attended workshops to further their knowledge and skills, specifically for carving and painting ducks and wild fowl, and weaving baskets.  We were invited to attend this year’s workshop, at the AJ Ottewell Center in Sherwood Park, Alberta.  I got to try my hand at basket weaving, and I really enjoyed it!  I will never again make a dismissive joke about “basket-weaving”.  It’s hard work, and it takes a degree of manual dexterity and hand strength that I had not anticipated.  But, it was really rewarding to come home with three unique and special baskets that I can proudly display in my home.  Rest assured there will be more baskets, and I will find ways to incorporate them into my blog posts.  Many thanks to Beth Crabb, the ultimate basket-weaving instructor.  You can see some of her previous students at work here.   Now, I’m off to plan the rest of this week’s cooking.  Come back soon.

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