Blog Anniversaries, and Stories of Cake

I started my very first blog six years ago.  I get a little sentimental reading that first post, and, simultaneously appalled at the very amateurish photo.  But the story still rings true and it brings back sweet memories.  That little blog inspired me to keep writing and learn more about food photography, and three years ago I did an entire re-design of the site.

Here is the story of that decision and another link to a very good cake recipe.  It just goes to show how food and memories are intertwined.  For me, if I don’t remember what I was eating at any given occasion, it’s like it didn’t really happen.  So on I go, always looking for inspiration and hopefully creating some good food memories for everyone who follows these pages.  Here’s to many more years of cooking, baking, eating, and sharing recipes and photos.  Thanks for spending time browsing the pages of my Red Binder.

Red Velvet Cake and Farewell to “Devil’s Food”

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