Welcome to “A Red Binder”. Let me start by saying that I come from a family of good cooks, and my mother was one of the best. We were very well fed, with her small but reliably excellent repertoire of savory meals. But baking was where mom really shone; she had the “touch” for dough and pastry. In a kitchen drawer, close to the stove, she kept a red, three-ring binder full of recipes and clippings. Some were written in mom’s own neat and precise hand, many with splashes and smears from their frequent use. Somehow over the years the red binder disappeared. I have made this site my red binder, a place for my family to revisit our culinary history.

The blog is an extension of what I do here in my kitchen every day. Together with my classic culinary training and my love for contemporary cuisine and trends, I want to create a site that informs and entertains my readers. I want to describe and instruct the process of cooking and baking and provide vivid visual cues and aids. Here is where I will indulge the culinary classics with my modern musings. Stay a while and browse the pages of my Red Binder.

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